Lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots

   No more cuts or nicks leaving you with unsightly scars

 Waxing slows down hair growth and causes it to grow fine 

Save time in the shower and reserve water

  Contrary to popular belief, waxing when done right is almost pain-free  

Not shaving regularly leaves stubbles making skin feel rough and abbrasive

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Bikini- $30 & Up 
Playboy- $42 & Up
Brazilian- $60 & Up
Eyebrow- $15
Lip- $9
Chin & Neck- $10 
Sideburns- $11
Cheeks- $12
Full Face- $47
Underarms- $23
Back or Chest- $48
Arms - Half- $25  Full- $40
Hands & Fingers- $15
Feet & Toes- $5
Legs - Half- $40    Full- $70

Longer Lasting Smooth Skin

Reasons Why you should start a regular waxing routine...