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*Results Vary From Client to Client*

($20 per session)

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($23 per session)

($25 per session)

5 Sweat Sessions



How It Works. . .

The latest in infrared technology. Infrared Rays penetrate the skin 1 1/2 inches deep, heating the body from the inside out.This allows the body to melt away body fat, release toxins, also while providing many other health benefits. This body wrap contours and shapes every curve by cocooning clients in a Thermal blanket. Each session is 55 mins long which encourages the body to sweat out toxins buried deep in the body aiding in excess inches. Results are noticeable after one treatment. Not only will you feel slimmed down, but you also will be gifted with smooth skin, cellulite reduction, lessened joint pain, and an overall feeling of well being.  FACTS: Fat becomes water soluable at 110 degrees, which allows the body to sweat it out along with all the toxins. Our wrap goes up to a 167 degrees at its highest setting. We start you at 158 degrees and you have the option to go higher or lower if you choose. Not only will you feel great right afterwards but if you continue to drink your water and follow a healthy diet, you will see results even the day after and on as your metabolism continues to work in overdrive up to 36 hours post treatment.

What to Expect....

You are in a dim light room, laying down and tucked comfortably away in our infrared blanket,  We have TV loaded with millions of shows to choose from so you can catch up on your favorite programs while you Sweat away fat and toxins. We keep a monitor in the room so at any time you need something we are right there to help you.  You are to wear long pants, long sleeve shirt and socks(preferably cotton clothes). We recommend you wear little to no jewelry, as well as bringing an extra set of clothes for after your treatment.  We will have socks for sale in case you forget.  **Please try to come well hydrated, we will provide lemon cucumber water for after your treatment as well as orange slices and hot tea.  Also please do not put on any lotions or oils before your Sweat**


Benefits of this Service Includes . . .

30 Sweat Sessions



20 Sweat Sessions



10 Sweat Sessions



Infrared  Heat Blanket

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Infrared Technology

No Messy Scrubs, Muds, Creams or Ace Bandages. Just Come In a long sleeve shirt, pants, and socks; and prepare for the best and easiest workout of your life. Better than a sauna! SWEAT! DETOX! REVIVE!

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($27 per session

1 Sweat Session



>Burn up to 1400 Calories or more a session

>Relieve Fatigue and increase vitality

>Detoxify the body by releasing toxins and waste

>Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia

>Treatment of muscle spasms

>Fat loss and reduction of cellulite

>Improve Skin, Improve Sleep

>And more!